3M MicroTouch™ DST Touch System

Large touch screens for digital signage integrated by TTUFF Technologies


3M MicroTouch DST touch systems offer a chemically-strengthened glass, stylus-independent touch solution with fast-accurate-repeatable response and operation unaffected by contaminants, static objects or other touches on the screen. DST is ideal for large-format LCD displays used for interactive digital signage and point-of-information applications.

3M Dispersive Signal Technology (DST) is poised to become the touch technology standard for large-format interactive displays. Traditional touch technologies detect "touch" by interrupting acoustic waves, optical fields or infrared light above the surface of the touch screen. What’s different about MicroTouch DST is that it precisely calculates touch locations by analyzing the bending waves within the glass substrate that are created by the user’s touch. This allows for fast, accurate, reliable touch performance that is unaffected by contaminants, scratches, or static objects on the screen, as well as enabling stylus support and multi-user capability.

TTUFF Technologies is proud to be able to provide this cutting edge solution as an option to our cutting edge display technology. Contact your TTUFF representative today for information and pricing.