TTUFF won the 2012 Digital Signage CHAMPS Award for Best PC-Based Hardware Solution.
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Specializing in the supply of Small Form Factor, Digital Signage Drive Systems, TTUFF Technologies has gained international recognition as an industry leader. We offer the largest and most diversified range of large screen LCD and Plasma display drive systems on the market today.

Originally developed to meet the needs of the aviation industry, TTUFF products quickly gained a reputation for performance and reliability in this highly demanding forum. By placing drive systems on the back of each display, signal quality improved, installation costs dropped and the total systems capability and flexibility was greatly enhanced.

Selection of the proper solution for each application requires both product knowledge and a general understanding of each project’s objectives. With over 30 years of experience in the Audio Visual industry, including the last 8 specifically dedicated to digital signage, TTUFF can become a valuable partner in any digital signage project.

TTUFF Technologies is a Value Added Distributor for NEC Display Solutions large screen LCD displays and Peerless mounting systems. By combining these products, along with the appropriate TTUFF drive systems and software of your choice, a total system solution can be provided.

Located next to the Toronto International Airport, TTUFF Technologies is ideally suited to address both the supply and after-sale support requirements of our North American and International customers. In-house final assembly and technical support assures both prompt delivery and continuing customer satisfaction.

To learn more about our products or to request specific assistance, send us an e-mail at or give us a call 519-880-9497.