Cut the cord on your digital signage network!

We’re pleased to introduce our new series of open pluggable PCs featuring 3G Machine-to-Machine (M2M) wireless communications. This new product line removes much of the cost and complication of running widely dispersed digital signage networks. With 3G M2M, you can cut typical broadband connection fees in half, and remove landline installation costs and hassles when you deploy your digital signage networks.

Benefits of our M2M/OPS line include:

  • Low cost high-speed data with no long-term contracts.
  • Greater than 97% coverage of the North American population, via TELUS & Sprint M2M.
  • No activation fees or extra site installation costs.
  • Available real-time network monitoring.
  • Hibernation billing options for seasonal and intermittent network usage.

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BLADE series
  • Integrated commercial grade media players & PCs
  • Ultra clean and easy installation
  • Compatible with NEC P, S and X series LCD displays
MIGHT-E series
  • Compact commercial grade media players & PCs
  • Easily mounted behind or near displays
  • Specifications and designs optimized for digital signage
RACK-IT series
  • Powerful, commercial grade rack mountable players
  • Optimized for multi-channel applications
  • Highly configurable
PANEL+ series
  • Custom, self contained panel/player solutions
  • Screen sizes from 5” to 83”
  • Optional touch, high bright, water/dust proof
Other products
  • Displays
  • Mounting
  • Extras
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