• AMD® Athlon™ X2 Dual Core 2.0GHz digital signage player with optional HDD or SDD for integration with NEC LCD Displays

TTUFF's NEW XPE-20HD-NEC modular drive system, utilizes an AMD Athlon X2 Duo Core 2.0Ghz and ATI graphics, to provided industry-leading performance, in a highly competitive package. Complete with Window 7 Ultimate (WES7-P) OS (others optional) the XPE-20HD-NEC arrives ready to drive NEC’s, M, S, P, and X Series displays. Standard unit comes with 2GB RAM upgradable to 8GB and either 160GB HDD or 32GB SDD with Mini PCIe expansion, Wi-Fi, Video Capture and 3G wireless capability as upgradable options.

XPE-20HD-NEC Download XPE-20HD-NEC product sheet